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Template generation tools

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CLI Tool for generating different project modules for templating complex systems with ease. Dockerized version also provides set of tools for code generation and linting.


To get full list of actual features run:

gen-tools -h

🧰 Options you can specify under 'gen' command:

  • drone - includes drone.yml template for project CI-CD
  • pkgbuild - arch format PKGBUILD for packaging to AUR
  • readme - project independent readme template with logo and some badges

📃 Available licenses:

  • license-gpl - GNU General Public License is a series of widely used free software licenses that guarantee end users the four freedoms to run, study, share, and modify the software
  • license-mit - permissive free software license originating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • license-apache - permissive free software license written by the Apache Software Foundation

🐳 Compose file options:

  • service-nginx - adds nginx to your compose file, and generates template of config in directory (reuses certificates generated by lego)
  • service-postgres - adds postgres to compose file, and goose tool for migrations aswell
  • service-redis - adds redis to compose
  • service-nats - adds single nats node to compose, and nats-ui for visualization
  • service-gitea - adds gitea with some predefined parameters and configuartion files, additional themes, description, logo
  • service-drone - adds drone server and runner to compose, with predifined parameters to connect to gitea
  • service-pacman - adds self-hosted pacman repository for arch packages
  • service-pocketbase - adds pocketbase template to compose (self-hosted real-time backend)
  • service-mkdocs - adds mkdocs with theme, custom css and some preconfigured stuff
  • service-kuma - adds kuma, for tracking and visualizing services stability
  • service-dozzle - adds dozzle, for for viewing services logs

🐭 Go code options:

  • go-cli - includes cobra and viper
  • go-lint - includes golanglint-ci linter for go code
  • go-grpc - includes proto and buf files for generation
  • go-docker - includes 2 stage Dockerfile and compose for ease of development
  • go-pg - includes pgx module in porstgres, sqlc for generation and goose for migrations
  • go-redis - includes redis template
  • go-nats - includes consumer and producer nats template


  • docker
docker pull
  • go
go install
  • yay
yay -Sy gen-tools


gen-tools gen readme license-gpl

gen-tools go --repo

gen-tools infr --name Nice --domain --user admin --pass SeCReT --email