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Template containing basic structure for go project, communicating via NATS distributed queue.
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Go NATS template

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Example description.

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Repository stack:

  • goose - write your migrations in sql format and simply add them to /migrations folder in goose compatible format. You can test migrations by running. docker-compose or when generating sqlc code for queries.
  • sqlc - you can simply write your queries for database in sqlc.sql, and they will be automatically generated. sqlc is a compiler, so queries are automatically checked for compatability with provided via migrations database schema.
  • proto - you can describe your messages in proto file, code for provided messages will be generated, proto serialization if fast and provides binary format, suitable for NATS.
  • docker - 2 stage dockerfile and clever docker-compose with migrations separated to different container (for optional horizontal scaling of service) are already provided with service.
  • golangci-lint - linter config stored in root directory, already includes a lot of usefull linters, mostly commented with helpful descriptions of different linters. You can tune it for your personal needs.
  • drone - already written pipeline for drone-ci, which includes lint, test, build and pushing service to registry.
  • logrus - one of the most popular libraries for logging in go, has perfect interfaces and adapters for both grpc server and postgres modules.
  • nats - best message broker on the market written in go